ETA Engineers Ltd. has been operating since 1973 and is one of the market leading companies in the supply and control of liquid processing products and components intended for use in the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, desalination industries, electric power reactors and more.

We are exclusive representatives of the world’s leading international companies in the field of providing quality products to the above industries accompanied by our manufacturers’ ongoing support and support. We accompany projects from the beginning, from the engineering and design stage through the establishment, start-up, and maintenance through a professional and skilled team of engineers who visit. And regularly accompanies the customer in all different areas of the country.

We aim to satisfy most of our customers’ needs, which are competitive with competitive prices and prompt delivery of products. To that end, we have created high availability of products, some of which are held in IITA warehouses and consignment warehouses as inventory for immediate use if needed. In addition, we made sure to develop a workshop we own that is designed to overhaul mechanical gaskets and address the additional needs of our customers.

Our prominent clients include bromine compounds, Rotem fertilizers, nature, refineries and more