אטם מכני למשאבה

Mechanical Seals

Original mechanical Seals from the range of companies. Mechanical Seals for pumps. Assembly Seals. Gas oil Seals for pumps


Pneumatic diaphragm pumps. Centrifugal pumps. Peristaltic pumps

מגופים ואביזרים מצופים

Valves & Coated accessories

Ball valves Butterfly valves Wedge Valves Do Not Return Valves Diaphragm valves Sampling valves Coated accessories

חבלי אטימה

Sealing ropes

High Temperature Teflon Graphic Sealing Ropes Inconel Integrated Sealing Ointments and More

Teflon products

Teflon sticks strip, Teflon films for gas, and Teflon sealing materials

חבלים קרמיים

Ropes and ceramic products

Ropes film and ceramic sheets, for protection and insulation, steam boilers and high temperature equipment

Bursting Disc's

Bursting discs, blasting discs and panels for protecting equipment and processes at defined work pressures. A variety of alerts